Work smarter

Fred has been training in Microsoft software since 1993 so has a fair idea about the most useful things the software can do for you.

We each use a small percentage of the software’s full capability. By learning more about what the software can do (and how to use it efficiently) we can become more effective.

Fred can share his knowledge and experience with you so you can:

  • feel more confident using the software
  • learn some new skills to make your work more efficient
  • see what the software can do so you can choose the bits that are useful for you
  • decide what you can do for yourself and what you need to get someone else to do.

Call Fred – 0407 552 060

Here are some things you can find out about:


  • Shortcut key combinations to save you time (for example the Windows Key + ‘E’ opens a Windows Explorer (File Manager) window.)
  • Adding buttons to the toolbar so you can find them quickly
  • Different ways of copying and pasting (within and across documents and between software)
  • Some of the simple automatic functions available


  • Using a table to lay out your data
  • Using ‘Autocorrect’ to add blocks of information in your document (save typing time)
  • Using Styles to update the appearance of paragraphs in your document quickly


  • Formatting cells to make your data easier to read
  • Using formulas and maths (BODMAS) to do calculations
  • Using a spreadsheet as a database (sort, filter, analyse, count, format according to conditions)

I get a kick out of teaching people this stuff 🙂 so my fees are very reasonable.