You work at The Gordon…

You work at The Gordon…but maybe you need a little help with your software skills because you’ve been asked to use the Gordon templates. That’s OK.

Or maybe you have decided that you’d like to keep your attendance records in a spreadsheet or find the easy ways to file and find your documents on the network drive…

I can show you a dozen ways to save yourself time. This training is a real investment – whether for personal or professional reasons.

Local Photo Guide Software Training is very discrete.

Call me on 0407 552 060 or contact me on the email below to have a chat about any or all of the services I offer.

or call me on 0407 552 060.

Why me?

  • I worked at the Gordon for 18 years using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access and have seen many trainers doing great work with students but struggling a bit with the software knowledge needed to satisfy their Manager’s requests effectively.
  • I taught some fun groups of 15-20 people on Gordon PD Days offering ‘Tips ‘n’ Tricks’.
  • I ran small group sessions on Word and Excel for admin and teaching staff at the Gordon for most of 2016 and 2017.
  • I worked in the Education Development area at The Gordon assisting staff with all the little ‘problems’ with the Gordon’s templates.
  • I’ve been teaching Microsoft software since 1990 (!)

I offer

  • One on one training in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel
  • Group training in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, File Management or Windows
  • Two FREE “fixes” for documents you email to me. (make them hard ones 🙂 )

All communication is confidential.  I can give a quote to you or your Manager if necessary.

By the way, I teach at YOUR place – e.g. in a training room at The Gordon or in your private home for you and family members if you wish.