Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

Excel is used for calculations, charts, data analysis, data management, sorting and filtering data, budgets, statistical analysis, ‘what if’ scenarios and a lot more complex ‘number-crunching’.

All formulas in Excel start with an = symbol.

Formulas are not really calculating the numbers in the cell, they’re calculating the CONTENTS of the cell.  The RELATIONSHIP between the cells is important to understand i.e.  Cell A6 is three above and two to the left of E9.

Before using Excel, you should really learn some simple mathematics about the order in which calculations are done.  (Click here: BODMAS).

You can have a large number of Worksheets in each Spreadsheet and calculations can draw information from either internal worksheets or data from other Spreadsheet documents.

Once you understand the basics of spreadsheets, the rest becomes easy.

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